Wine Tasting Contest

Enjoy wines from the hillsides of Split and put your senses to a test

  • No. of people: 8 – 80

  • Duration: 6 – 8 hours

Your employees compete in tasting and recognizing wines from Split region

A team building event with a touch of elegance. We start the contest by touring the old vineyards of the hillsides of Split where we visit several local wineries, meet local traditional wine producers and their families. You can treat yourself to local delicacies such as prosciutto ham paired with a rich variety of wines from indigenous Croatian grapes. One of which is Zinfandel. Recent discoveries have traced back the origins of this popular wine brand to Split area, specifically the town of Kaštela. The original name is Crljenak Kaštelanski, and it is experiencing a rebirth in Kaštela and the surrounding area.

After completing the tour of the wineries, we break down the group into smaller teams. Team members will again have a taste of different wines that were presented to them on the tour and try to guess which one it is from the wine list. The contest goes through rounds until we find out which team has the best ”sommeliers”. This team building activity boosts team spirit and encourages individuals to participate and develop relationships.