Twisted Karaoke

A song writing and singing competition

  • No. of people: 20 – 200

  • Duration: 1 – 3 hours

  • Price: from 20 Euros per person

make your own lyrics to popular songs

What’s better than karaoke? Twisted Karaoke. It is a team building game based on the concept of “mondegreen”, as the mishearing or misinterpreting of lyrics is known. Twisted Karaoke is a team building activity designed to build relationships, promote creativity and bonding within teams.

Your colleagues assemble to coordinate on creating totally new or changing original verses of a picked tune. Team members at that point choose which one of them will be the artist that performs the “enhanced” song, karaoke style with the verses projected onto a screen behind them. The song will be much better received with the judges if it has a witty chorus to which the crowd can sing along. With all the songs performed, the judges pick the triumphant team depending on the originality, best execution and crowd reactions.