Speed Boat Challenge

A race along the Split coast and nearby islands

  • No. of people: 10 – 200

  • Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours

Explore Split coast area with this hear racing challenge with speed boats.

A thrilling race along the coast of Split reveals the best of Croatia’s coast, from the magical hidden blue caves to abandoned island fortresses. Each team gets assigned to their own speedboat. They get their mission list, a map of locations they have to visit, a camera and a clapperboard with which they can film proof of task completion. Teams must coordinate together to devise a strategy in which order they want to complete it, giving instructions to their speedboat captain on where to take them next. The race takes them to multiple islands, hidden caves, and secluded fishing villages. The mission list contains unique tasks varying in difficulty and point value. From feeding seagulls, impersonating a street performer and persuading a local to go on an excursion with them to swimming into caves and exploring old ruins. The winner is the team that completes most assignments and gets the most amount of points in the limited time provided.