Sailing Regatta

The best way to help your team to learn how to coordinate

  • No. of people: 10 – 200

  • Duration: 2 – 8 hours

Corporate group is split into teams and assigned to sailboats for a race along the Dalmatia coastline and islands

A sailing regatta is a perfect analogy for teamwork, where the better crew cooperates, the faster the boat goes! This Sailing Regatta is devised to suit everyone, old sea dogs and non-sailors alike. Previous experience in sailing is not required, it’s all about teamwork and fun! Bonding within teams comes naturally when operating a sailboat. Inspire a competitive spirit, instill camaraderie and leave each team member with a long-lasting memory of this unique event. Every person takes a turn to be the ship’s captain, regardless of the position in the company. A contribution of everyone aboard is essential to assure the success of your sailing team.

Right before the start of the regatta teams receive a short learning course on sailing basics and then the group is split into sailboat crews of around 6-10 people depending on the size of the boat. All sailboats will have a professional skipper assigned to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely.