Film A Movie Or An Ad

The Ultimate Creativity Challenge

  • No. of people: 12 – 340

  • Duration: 2 – 6 hours

Time to be creative. Teams have to film a short ad about Split or the company.

Experience a bit of that Hollywood glamour by having an awards ceremony or gala dinner for the best film crew in your company. A day or two preceding the awards, the group is broken down into teams. Each team has their own table in a conference hall and is given around 30-60 mins to be imaginative and devise an engaging content for a short movie/ad, that they will shoot later that day. The theme of the video can be related to one of the company’s products or the business itself, completely optional.

The groups should work out which jobs each colleague needs to take on: performers, cameramen, directors, and so forth. Each group gets a camera and a clapper-board that will designate what footage teams want for the editor to use in the final cut. Afterward, it may take up to 24 hours for us to edit the completed videos together and incorporate wanted music.

Following day is the night of the Oscars. Picture the scene: the film crew members arrive at the venue, and walk down the red carpet posing for the paparazzi in front of the press wall (company logo in the background). During the dinner, short movies or adverts are screened and nominees announced in various categories such as “actor/actress in a leading role”, “best picture” etc. The envelopes come out. The gathered guests go silent. “And the winner is……. “. As the winners clutch their golden statuettes, emotional acceptance speeches will be expected and applauded.