The city of Split offers a wonderful blend of the antique and the contemporary, where the fact that it has been a part of the Roman Empire history is proudly pointed out as much as the unique easy-going lifestyle one would expect from a modern European city. When visiting Split center you can’t miss Diocletian’s Palace; a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most remarkable Roman monuments inside which you can find modern bars, traditional restaurants, and unique shops all sharing a symbiotic connection with the old walls within which Split has endured for thousands of years. But what makes this city most alluring for organizing team building events and why companies all over the world choose Split as their next location is not just the island-dotted coastline but the proximity of the Dalmatian hinterland with its imperious mountains and wide open fields.

Our organization concentrates on designing unique experiences that help companies embrace team building activities as an important, ongoing part of the corporate culture. These challenges are devised with the intent to unite people, reinforce their strengths, and address the weaknesses that hold them back on the workplace. Our programs foster creativity within teams which is crucial to an organization’s success because it drives innovation and problem- solving skills.

While we provide templates to make a great team building session, all of our team building programs are custom tailored to comply with our client’s individual needs and requests. The companie’s team of core managers lead experienced activity planners, local guides and experts, hostesses and technicians, all here to help you better the communication and teamwork at your company. Whether you want to organize a program for a small team of managers or a company’s full workforce we are here to help you create an experience that your company will be talking about for years to come!